About me

Hi, I’m Ella Jane.

I live to eat, and eat to live.

My diet philosophy can be summed up as: Everything in moderation, especially moderation. My Grandad taught me that.

I eat junk food sometimes, and piles of greens other times; I dig greasy diners and takeout, but also like to ferment my own vegetables; basically, I’m healthyish (to borrow an adjective from Bon Appetit) and will never use the phrase clean eating for countless reasons.

Wheat & Potatoes is an outlet for my obsessive food experiments. It ain’t about perfection, it’s about exploration, so don’t expect thrice-trialed recipes here. Let’s be straight: I rarely follow a recipe to a T (unless it’s for something real finicky), and I bet you don’t either.

If you’re wondering about the name: it’s a play on meat and potatoes, but since I don’t really eat meat but love seitan (or “wheat meat”), it just made sense. Wheat in general makes up a substantial part of my diet, as do potatoes, often together, because who doesn’t love carbs on carbs?

I used to live in Ottawa and worked in the food industry while completing a degree in journalism. Now I’m in northern Ontario and live vicariously through big city offerings on Instagram while relishing the fact that up here, things are booming, but anything you do is still new.

I still do plenty of journalistic writing and editing, often about food, and you can find out more about that at www.ellajanemyers.com.

My logo was part of a painting done for me in 2010 by my cousin Erin, who was nine at the time. What can I say, she’s a genius.

P.S. All recipes are vegetarian or vegan.

Untitled drawing